Helping Brands Shine Briter for 20 Years.

As consumer preferences evolve, privacy laws increase, and AI becomes mainstream, brands are asking themselves how they can navigate these shifting sands to create meaningful connections with consumers.

Brite is a full-service marketing agency that has been purpose-built to bring clarity to today’s landscape.

We’ve built some of Coastal Virginia’s largest and most successful brands. Our team creates omni-channel solutions to reach your audience when and where it matters.

Whether you’re launching a brand or looking to point yours in a new direction, we’re ready when you are.

The Work

Teacher giving instruction to an adult student

Tidewater Community College

Exceeding Enrollment Goals Since 2019

sunset over a lake

Coastal Virginia Tourism

Creating a Cohesive Brand for 15 Different Destinations in One Region

Man dancing in an auto showroom

Checkered Flag

Building a Standout Brand in a Category Dominated by a Sea of Sameness

construction workers do reconstruction

JES Foundation & Repair

Transforming a Local ‘Mom and Pop’ into a National Entity

woman cheerfully dancing and smiling

Konikoff Dentistry

Building a Local Dental Practice into a Regional Powerhouse

Auto Connection slogan Bad Credit pluse one dollar and ride today.

Auto Connection

Giving Those with Bad Credit 
a Welcoming Brand to Trust

bonfire at dusk on a lake

Pull Start Fire

Giving a Hot, New Direct-to-Consumer Product Hotter Recognition

tree in the middle of a lake

Chesapeake Tourism

Transforming the Region from a Hidden Gem into a Prominent Destination

Handsome Biscuit Logo<br />

Handsome Biscuit

Transforming a Fast-Casual 
into a Local Favorite

salesman holding clip board and delivery bag


Creating a Commanding Victory 
for a Military Delivery Service

Pizza with the words Farm to Pizza

Baker's Crust

Helping an Origin Brand 
Savor Happiness

woman laughing on a orange background


Turning a Financial Wellness 
Company into a Category of One

Clients We've Served

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Logo for Tidewater Community College
Logo - Checker Flag
Logo Coastal Virginia<br />
Logo for Barbasol<br />
Logo for Bakers Crust
Logo For Camp
Logo for Jaguar cars
Logo for Konikoff
Logo for Chesapeake Tourism
Logo for Handsome Biscuit
Logo for Fin Fit
Logo JES
Logo for Pull Start Fire
Logo for Chow Call
Logo for Casey Auto Group
Logo for Auto Connection
Logo for Yellow Tail
Logo for William & Mary
Logo for Konikoff Kids
Logo for Virginia Community College System