Savor Happiness

Bakers Crust
The Challenge
Baker’s Crust is a long-standing successful restaurant and catering company with locations in Hampton Roads, Richmond and Northern Virginia. Their core customer was baby boomers, but acknowledging that this demographic is aging and beginning to budget, they wanted to ensure that they could resonate with the emerging Millennial market. Furthermore, they have plans to grow into larger, more competitive markets heavily focused on farm to table. Their primary offering has always been environmentally responsible artisanal bakers providing memorable dining experiences, but they needed to ensure that the message was connecting with the Millennial market for future growth.

The Realization
The owners of Baker’s Crust are truly farm-to-fork pioneers who ‘walk the walk’ on fresh, authentic, artisanal food. Their decades-long passion and holistic devotion to bringing magical, memorable and healthy dining experiences to families and foodies needed to be louder in a marketplace where fast food restaurants tout ‘farm to table’.

The Solution
In the crowded category of casual dining, serving food is one thing, but serving the best food is everything. Baker’s Crust raised the bar by ushering in an unprecedented standard of food. What better way to stay true to the brand than to look behind the process and see the mission, its people, its heart and humility and all with a light-hearted vibe.

Baker’s Crust continues to grow their business locally and out of market, resonating with all consumer segments against an ever-growing competitive set.

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