Powering up

Handsome Biscuit
The Challenge
Handsome Biscuit is a super delicious, fast, casual eatery that serves breakfast and lunch daily. With two locations the brand has a homemade off- the-beaten-path character and their food is creative, generous and delicious. The owners approached BRITE to discuss how to elevate their brand and create more targeted communications to aggressively market their restaurants to a wider consumer base.

Art Director Mara Lubell and Strategist Carol Norris, partnered directly with the Handsome Biscuit owners to learn about their origins, current business model, mission and challenges. From there, we created a distinctive brand positioning and aesthetic and launched a multi-channel advertising campaign.

The Realization
The owners had created an appealing and playful name that currently resonated with their audience. While the chain competes with national chains like Panera, Handsome Biscuit has a unique offering; their made-from-scratch biscuits and reinvented Southern favorites are on trend with today’s consumer, but their brand recognition outside of Norfolk needed to be improved.

Handsome Biscuit needed to grow beyond their current social media campaign and word-of-mouth local success. To do that, we explained that they’d need to carefully craft a brand identity and launch a measurable, creative campaign across several additional media channels.

The Solution
Together with the folks at Handsome Biscuit we created a creative strategy based on the brand’s attributes, persona, and values. Borrowing from the playfulness of the name and the heartiness of the food, we defined the brand as a “newfangled southern favorite” – one that’s both a cheap date, and a breakfast place. Handsome Biscuit isn’t fast food, it’s food that helps you get through the day and inspires you to create the next big thing. With that, the POWER UP campaign was born.

Mara Lubell re-designed the Handsome Biscuit logo to be a more distinctive mark with stylized typography and updated color palette. The addition of the “Biscuit” character added a bit of playfulness that was spot on with the brand’s persona. Carol Norris and the BRITE team provided the consumer-facing Power Up campaign, media placement, social strategy, and budget.

The Results
Handsome Biscuit continues to exceed their sales goals. Their social media shares and likes have increased substantially and they are in process of opening new locations.